Monday, October 18, 2010

calf hinges or Swiss cheese anyone?

Been working on little bits here and there. Mostly sanding and such. I've attached the hinges to the calf area, as they were on the original suit. In hindesight, it might have been better to predrill the holes in the LEGS first, then modify the hinges to fit, not the other way round. I tried drilling from the inside out and, well it didnt quite work out the best, as the drill was on an angle.Finding a screwdriver small enough to fit between was also a challenge. Oh well, thank the maker for Apoxy sculpt, ay?

The screws are screwed in from the inside, and the protuding ends ground off.Oh, how the sparks flew. gotta remember that. Anyway, i removed the pins from the hinges BEFORE i attached them, and replaced them with a piece of wire or tin nail. This way the calf can stay hindged or come off completely.

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