Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can I give you a hand..?

The kit included the back of the hand plates, but no real fingers. After studying the resin display hands i purchased ( see earlier posts) i resculpted the fingers with Super sculpy. Templates were created from tracings using tissue paper draped over the resin hands. The templates were then traced onto the scuply. After forming over a mannequin hand, these were baked to harden. Final steps will be trimming,primer and sanding.

Sculpting this and that..

Resculpted the throat greeblie. The one that came with the kit was a bit rough. I actually used the back part of the Riddel C3PO helmet as a model, as it seemed to be the right size and basic shape.In the photos ( left to right) are the kit part, wax copy and final piece. Pretty pleased with the way it turned out.