Monday, June 21, 2010

Wrist details

I added the detail to the wrist. I covered the existing end of the arm with apoxy sculpt, and while it was still soft, used a medicine bottle lid to sculpt the grooves. after it dries, this stuff is tough as nails. so no fear of chipping. :)

Cutting some strips from thin styrene, i attached these to the wrists ontop of the grooves. This will give it a cleaner look rather than trying to sculpt in the detail.

Close up of wrist detail(with display hands).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mounting the backplate

I started working on mounting the resin backplate to replace the vac-formed back of the suit. I cut the back open, leaving enough surrounding material to mount a flat piece of ABS. This will then have the center removed to allow access for changing batteries, etc. The resin plate will attach with magnets so that it can be easily removed.

One thing i noticed was that the back part of the suit is slightly off due to the way it was formed. This made the new back plate not lay flat. I had to make some adjustments and will need to patch over the seam on the left side. It does look better and lays flush.