Friday, September 9, 2011

Helmet Mods

I decided to modify the helmet to make it fit better. There was a knob at the top that fit into the back part of the helmet, but when i tried it on, it was too tight on the top of my head. After looking at reference for the real helmet, i noticed that the top has a notch cut out. I decided to give this a try.
I removed the notch and it fits much better now. I also sanded down the sides and top in the inside considerably. This gives it a little more flex. For VAC-PLATING, this is a no-no. I will be using the SPRAY-CHROME ( not the rattle can) method. But more on that later.
The above pic also shows that i removed the nuts inside the sides that connect the ear-knobs. I flattened this area and used the POST connectors mentioned earlier. This also allows more room, especially around the neck. ( red tape is temporarily holding them in place.) The top will connect like the original, with an "O" ring-post attached to the front half, and the ANTENNA holding it in place. Stay tuned.....;-)