Sunday, January 31, 2010

Excited to try it on..

Well, after countless hours of trimming and sanding and temporary glue-ing..i decided to do a test fit to see where the suit needed modification. The following photos show the first attempts.

Notice the holes in the bicep insides, i removed the circles that were there in the plastic as i planned to replace these anyway. They didn't line up as perfect circles.

Trimming with the dremel

After trimming the parts down with a dremel, I lined them up as best i could.

I realized after the first attempt that i wanted the arms to appear a bit smaller in size, especially the upper arms. This kit is based on the Disney walk around suit, and not an actual screen-used suit. None the less, I still wanted to modify it to my liking.

After trimming...

I won't bore you with the rest of the parts, that and I can't seem to find the photos anyway.
You get the idea from the photos above. The seams were not all as perfect, though, but therein lies the challenge and skill.

Friday, January 29, 2010

So many parts...

I had no idea the costume had so many individual parts. It really makes you appreciate what it takes to bring sometning like this to the screen. Anyway.. I received the kit and photographed the parts. They are comprised of ABS plastic, resin, etc. You can see better photos on the website mentioned in the previous post. My camera wasn't the greatest, so sorry for the pics.
After studing these for a while, i started labeling and trimming.

First post for my 3po build

Well, here is the first post for my attempt at building a wearable replica C-3po costume from Star Wars. I remember seeing the Don Post statue that was available some years back, and since then i wanted one. However, due to the crazy ridiculous price, I soon let that idea pass. A few years later ,1997 i believe, Star Wars was re-released and I was hooked all over again. I purchased the awful commercially available helmet ( vinyl?) and decided to build a halloween costume around that. I modified the eyes to light up and thought i could build the body out of shiny foil posterboard. Ahem...after i gave up on that I went to school to learn some real skills( ha ha )Since honing my skills at school, i came across a site where others shared the same vision of building a C-3po robot/costume. I decided i had enough knowledge and expertise to give it another go. I chose a kit available from this site:
as i figured this would be more of a challenge.
Thus, construction began.