Friday, January 29, 2010

First post for my 3po build

Well, here is the first post for my attempt at building a wearable replica C-3po costume from Star Wars. I remember seeing the Don Post statue that was available some years back, and since then i wanted one. However, due to the crazy ridiculous price, I soon let that idea pass. A few years later ,1997 i believe, Star Wars was re-released and I was hooked all over again. I purchased the awful commercially available helmet ( vinyl?) and decided to build a halloween costume around that. I modified the eyes to light up and thought i could build the body out of shiny foil posterboard. Ahem...after i gave up on that I went to school to learn some real skills( ha ha )Since honing my skills at school, i came across a site where others shared the same vision of building a C-3po robot/costume. I decided i had enough knowledge and expertise to give it another go. I chose a kit available from this site:
as i figured this would be more of a challenge.
Thus, construction began.

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